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Scenes of the installation,
opening reception and venue
of the 3rd International Biennial

of Fine Art & Documentary
Photography hosted by
The Gala Awards
at the Heritage Museum,
Malaga, Spain


The Next Biennial will be
held in Berlin on
October 6 - October 30, 2016,
as Associate Partner of the
European Month of Photography,
at The Palazzo Italia
Unter den Linden 10.
Biennial's Invitee:
Steve McCurry


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Berlin Foto Biennale 2016


An Associate Partner of the European Month of Photography

PALAZZO ITALIA, Unter den Linden corner Charlottenstrasse, Berlin Germany

OCTOBER 6 - OCTOBER 30, 2016

Special Invitee: Steve McCurry, Magnum Photos / Agentur Focus

A Retrospective exhibiting 130 selected works of a remarkable photographer

Emerging Young Talent: Yusuke Suzuki

exhibiting 'Aleppo, Syria, City of Chaos' and 'Refugee Crisis, Lesbos, Greece'

446 contemporary artists from 41 countries are participating alongside Magnum

photographer Steve McCurry

Download here the complete Press Release

Jacek, copyright by Sebastian Holzknecht

Berlin, August 2016 - Throughout October 2016 Berlin welcomes once again the largest German

festival for photography, the 7th European Month of Photography. As Associated Partner of the EMOP

Berlin the first edition of the Berlin Foto Biennale - and 4th edition of the Biennial for Fine Art and

Documentary Photography - will take place at the elegant Palazzo Italia, situated in the historic heart

of Berlin. After Madrid, Buenos Aires and Malaga, Berlin was chosen as a new base to promote

emerging talents and established artists from all over the world.

Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures will present 1230 photos by 446 contemporary artists from

41 countries of all continents – among them 65% women, who have received the Julia Margaret

Cameron Award for Women Photographers.

The works represent a wide spectrum of styles ranging from documentary and wild life, to portrait and

experimental photography. Recognizing a wide array of artistic expression across diverse cultures, the

Biennial presents a contemporary overview of the different schools of thought emerging from the

United States to China, from Australia to Turkey and from Senegal to Mexico.

The Biennial also contains selected works by Steve McCurry. His solo exhibition 'Retrospective' forms

part of the Biennial as special invitee. An essay by the emerging young talent Yusuke Suzuki about

the refugee crisis on Lesbos and the chaos in Syria's Aleppo is also included in this comprehensive

photographic display.

The Biennial captures international trends in photography and presents us a kaleidoscope of

sentiments and perceptions. In this way a photographic chronicle of our time emerges with all its

emotions and commotions, visually expressed by hundreds of photographers across many cultures.

Part of the revenue from artwork sales will be donated to Save the Children. A catalogue published

by Kehrer Verlag accompanies the Biennial.





Some of our past awardees of The Gala Awards competitions:


Copyright: M Istav Kerekes

Copyright Linda Rogers


Coyright: Stefano Coltelli


Ellen Jantzen 


Copyright: Giuseppe Francavilla


Yoshimaru Mayumi 



Upper Row: Enrique López-Tapia (images 1 and 2)
Lower Row: Wendy Sacks (images 3 and 4); Paolo Patruno (image 5)


Copyright: Hugh Jones



Copiright: Christian Vium


Copyright: Fatimata Vetu


by Doro Rapp             by Hugh Jones

by Clay Bovdin         by Ilker Godsen

by Judit German Heins  by Andres Barria

by Daniel Arranz


by Dianne Yudelson     by Inga Pae

by Julie Kim Rossiter   by Feith Balint

by Dorothée Rapp


By Partha Roy     By Julie Edelson Safford


by Karen Divine     by Vlad Sokhin

By Lennette Newell

By Dilip Bhatia



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